Pragya Pest Control (Services)


1. Rat Control Service

The reasons behind some of the worst plagues in the world are the rats and rodents. We’ll execute rat and rodent control services to make sure the maximum impact keeping your convenience in mind. The products and techniques that are implemented by us are fully non-toxic to humans and pets.


2. Termite Pest Control Service

The mosquitoes, lizards, bed bugs, termites etc. can prove to be a nightmare if they attack your premises. These mosquitoes & termites can always enter your home premises through cracks, open doors & windows, holes etc. If you want to take the first step towards insect free household, then you should immediately contact us.


3. Cockroaches Pest Control Services

We always heard that saying ‘Prevention is always better than Cure’. These pest control chemicals can kill insects & cockroaches but do not prevent them. It is not a one-time process to keep these cockroaches out of your home. This process has to be repeated at specific time intervals in order to protect your home permanently.


4. Ants Control Services

Our technicians have been provided with practical on-site training. They always carry out a systematic study of these ants and insects for effective Pest management. Moreover, the technology used by us for ants control services is the latest and most reliable. We are well-known for using complete eco-friendly solutions.


5. German Cockroach

German cockroaches are the small ones which can eat any small or large food source including soap, toothpastes, books binding etc. Our pest control technicians are having expertise in their work and that’s why they can also provide the customized services according to particular conditions and requirements.


6. Wood Borer Treatment

The Indian furniture is mostly made up of wooden material. Wood-borer are the pests that can damage any furniture or wood structure. Before initiating the actual process of pest control, our expert team will perform inspection and analysis regarding the nature and extent of infestation for successful outcomes.

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